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rooftops the zen way

A must-have home essential for basking in tranquility, unwinding, and relaxing — a lush green zen paradise to lay back, soak in the vastness of the sky while sipping hot chai and letting the garden calm your nerves and massage your soul.


Pimple Nilakh, Pune


2 months


Terrace makeover


14 - 18 Lakhs

Designed for an ideal vacation at home, this terrace garden does justice to all your dreamy sunset evenings and holiday fantasies. The client's vision for a private forest oasis, replete with lush foliage, culminates in a verdant garden harmonizing familial bonds and serenity.

The best part —they go out on vacation for days, weeks or even months! the garden takes care of itself through the automated irrigation system that can take care of timely watering and plant care.

A harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality, this garden is a testament to meticulous design and serene opulence. A bespoke illuminated Buddha, presiding over a serene lily pond, emanates serenity. FRP planters, awash in custom hues, line the terrace edges, elevating aesthetics.

The enchanting seating area, beneath pergolas supported by natural wood, features captivating wall murals. This harmonious blend of elements, enhanced by automated irrigation, transcends outdoor experiences, offering respite and rejuvenation for the people.

Inspired by Zen principles, the garden unfolds as a lush woodland retreat. A bespoke Buddha idol, lit by spotlights, overlooks a tranquil lily pond. The terrace is lined with FRP planters that have custom colors and textures that complement the whole aesthetic of the garden.

The seating area is adorned with a captivating wall mural lit by 2-way lights, against weatherproof seating, under the shelter of pergolas that are supported by natural wood. The automated irrigation system orchestrates precise plant care.


An epitome
of home staycation

This idyllic haven, steeped in Zen tranquility, cultivates the ideal staycation. From the Buddha's serenity to weatherproof seating and captivating visuals, each element harmonizes, creating a cozy space that hums serenity.

Design finesse

A bespoke idol of Buddha against a backdrop of bamboo, is shone reflecting in a tranquil lily pond, against a canvas of white pebbles — an ethereal stage blending serenity and nature's poetry.

2 way lights

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Custom FRP planters

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Custom Mural

weatherproof outdoor furniture

Elevating the art of outdoor sanctuaries, this project seamlessly merges Zen philosophy with design finesse. From the idol presiding over the tranquil lily pond to the weatherproof seating beneath natural wood pergolas, every element coalesces to create an ethereal retreat.

This enchanting haven, illuminated by spotlights and embraced by bamboo and pebbles, stands as a testament to harmonious design, transcending the boundaries of outdoor living and embodying serene opulence.

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